Zero Waste Ramadhan dengan Free Jurnal Ramadhan (bahasa Indonesia)

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Setiap orang memiliki sampah!
It’s a fact..

Does the world exist with trash can?

This beautiful earth has its own wisdom, where waste suppose to be degrade to support another form of life.

In this modern time, we can’t exist without waste, we CAN if we want to, but that means we will be living like hunters or gatherers or the super frugal living “Sustainable homestead” where we only consume anything in life where the cradle to grave products or services that we use are using, only using any materials that can only be degrade or repurpose.

Lets have a flash back of why I write this article.
Back in 2006 when our little family of 4, at that time is starting to live a very simple life. Very minimalist. With no intention to be minimalist, its just upon our needs to focus on our growing, homeschooling family and just to have anything bare minimum so we can focus on living the moments n nurturing the family rather than busy with maintenance. Never occur to me especially the value of the life my husband suggested that I then follow along without any objection, since its very logic to my opinion.

Fast forward, now, I remember back then, we only go to the apartment garbage collection room, once in a week or once in 2 weeks with only 1 plastic bag. How did this happen? I can say, we only have food scrap waste, and that’s minimum and we’re not composting anything in the apartment, we barely have any paper waste, since I homeschool the kids, one on one, and they do a lot of work on notebook and I make math problems, etc by writing them my self instead of printing them to just use 1 soap for head to toe for the whole family.
Life was very simple, hardly any maintenance to do daily, weekly, or monthly. Regarding shopping for food this and that, its also minimum, since we only eat food I cook at home and we don’t have any left over, since the kids will eat the left over as their snacks.

Compare to right now, we’re family of 10 (can be more). Our waste has gone mad! Even we’re already living with conscious mind about all this sustainability issues for more than a decade, but life throw us all over the place if we don’t hold our ground. Until recently I was just fed up, tired, because of how much clutter created from our never ending Farm Building Projects and Green Mommy Shop growing customer base. I ask permittion to honey, that I decided for our family, to start to be serious again and this time I don’t want to accept any negotiation. Sounds hard, not really. Sounds difficulty, not really. Challenging creatively? YES REALLY! And I think this time it will be more fun that before! Why..? Because there are so many obstacle in front of us, because we living such a more complex life, from growing numbers of children born to this family, to living in 2 houses, GMS Shop in the city and family in the farm with very different way of day to day living and consumption.

Let’s forget about my whining for now, and lets focus on the idea of why I write this article at the first place, which is to share with you this awareness and sort of to remind you again, as much as this remind our family. Let’s just do it again if you failed or not come as close as you wish (in this case like us), or just start for whoever never be in this journey but aware of it, or welcome and dive in with open mind, for you my dearest readers who don’t even have a clue what is this all about.

First, Introduction!
Lets go back again to talk about our waste/trash problem.
In this consumerism n capitalism era, which is go hand in hand, we’re becoming a hard-core waste citizen. We are producing waste in enormous amount on a daily basis, and for those who are living in the city and not growing your own food at least some of it, you are the part of the biggest waste producer (not music or movie producer, but waste producer). And for you my dear friend, who are eating more meat, on a daily basis, you are THE BIGGEST waste producer in this society. And I’m sorry for my language.. I just want us to be clear here 😉

I’m not gonna talk about why I say what I say, because just to write the reason why, will take many blog posts (I’m actually thinking to write a book about it, hehe…If I have time..). For the short cut, you can easily google it!
Here are some keywords to get good result on what I’m talking about:
and many more (I truly believe you will get creative looking for more details as you dive into the ocean of google waste search) 😉 see how I get creative in playing with waste words, ho..ho..ho..!

Look around us, we can’t scan around without finding garbage lying around, either on the street, our garbage bin, on the grass, and the saddest place is the water “Sea, River, Canals, Pond, Lake, etc”

Did you remember, whatever age you are, back then,
Grass are greener (meaning, less waste)
Beach n sea are blue (meaning less plastic waste)
Road are grey (meaning less garbage in general)
And our home garbage bin is visited less by cats or dogs (we just don’t create as much waste as we are today!).

Maybe, somehow and the fact for most of us, we think garbage can disappear like magic!
Once you tied it in you plastic bag, toss it in the bin, get picked up daily by garbage man (by the way, they are truly win my heart, how can they accept to deal with that on a daily basis!), and voila! Your annoying, smelly, disgusting garbage problem is solved and no longer in your mind at all.. as if it’s like when you breath the air, in and out without your thinking about it.

How can our mind and consciousness become so auto pilot about waste?

How can we get used to throw things away without thinking about it?

Check this out, publish by Plastic Ocean
“We use over 300 million tonnes of new plastic every year. Half of this we use just once and usually for less than 12 minutes. 8 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year.
Over many years, as this plastic waste is carried along by ocean currents, it breaks up into tiny pieces. So much is getting into our ocean that in some places these plastic particles outnumber plankton by a ratio of 26:1
A large amount of this “thrown away” plastic carries toxic chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, pesticides and PCBs.”

“Once in the ocean, plastic litter affects the safety of sea transport, fisheries, tourism and recreation. When broken down into tiny pieces, plastic attracts toxic chemicals released over decades from industry and agriculture, the concentration of which increases as they move up the food chain.”

“There is no away – because plastic is so permanent and so indestructible. When you cast it into the ocean, there is no away”
Sir David Attenborough

The bottom line is
For plastic and other waste that is unhealthy, it is a global issue that impacts our ocean, our health and our wellbeing and our future generations.

By the way,
That is just about our waste from plastic.
There are more that we waste on a daily basis, that give great impact to overall of lives.
We have paper waste
Metal waste
Dangerous Synthetic chemical waste
Glass waste

The Problem of Going Greener, going Vegan, or going anywhere
For those who are already into the green lifestyle you might be aware of this and to transition to zero waste (even you can’t possible be zeroing your waste, the term is more kinda catchy and heart insipiring the way I see it) is kinda easy.
And for you who are already vegetarian or vegan or even raw, this is also a breeze!
But for most people, who don’t have a clue about this waste problem, not even vegetarian, might be painful challenge especially to challenge you ego.

Zero waste movement, haven been around for more than a decade, and inspiring millions of people all over the world to take further step into sustainability. This is not the solution to sustainability but it’s a great solution to many problems towards sustainability and other aspects of life.

What is Zero Waste?
It is basically producing the least amount of waste from our day-to-day life, at home and away.

How can we approach it?
Our way (adopted from other people’s way but this way always works great for us, and we try to strive to stay this way).
We basically, following this rules in the order it comes
1. Refuse – what you do not need
2. Reduce – your needs
3. Refill – your containers
4. Reuse – what you already have
5. Recycle – what remains
6. Rot – compost anything organic that has no life purpose anymore

Now here’s the Benefit of Zero Waste Life Personally
1. We feel good about helping the Earth
2. We become healthier : simple fact like make our own food is healthier than buying packaged or processed foods)
3. We become more creative to find alternatives to waste
4. We don’t have to deal with garbage as much as if we have a lot of waste
5. We have more time for real life instead of consumerism life because we don’t have to worry about cleaning or decluterring, organizing a lot of stuff regularly and other stuff related to possession of things. This is a big breeze for mothers, because we constantly busy with nurturing family, why should be busy more with maintenance of things that doesn’t really matter.
6. We save more money (I love this one!, mommy’s mind with big family will fall into this for sure)
7. We inspire other people to join

Zero waste life is a breeze to my face… like sitting on a grass in the afternoon, clean plastic n waste free grass that is.. ☺

Benefit always comes with disadvantages
1. I miss sea fish.. (growing in Manado, my food imprint become anything that has fresh fish, and now.. honey said, why would you want to add mercury and other poison to your body from sea fish?) So lele, gurami n nila is our go to, once in a blue moon that is.. we’re not vegan, even we back then said we’re vegan, but we eat like vegan trough out the year for a decade already.
2. Malls, big supermarket, I forget that I miss it.. our family find, it become kinda funny when we realize, we don’t really have anything we need from there. And the smell make us nauseas, especially the kids, just the taxi smell to go there, already make everybody, vote to get window seat with open windows is a must for each trip!
3. I sometimes feel sad, about people that we care or just generally people who know this information, but choose not to care or not to make a change.

Zero Waste also giving a great benefit for society, such as
1. It’s good for the environment
2. It’s good for the economy (least disposal item, means more human workers)
3. It’s good for the community (we share what we don’t need)

Now come the big warnings for the nay sayers, for anyone who don’t agree upon this idea. Or as simple as don’t agree upon the name or movement as “ZERO WASTE”

Yes, zero waste means no waste, nil, none!
Can we reach the goal of no waste? Realistically? No we can’T!
Why Zero Waste is the catch then?
For me personally, the term is like a vision, its like the goal, the ultimate goal, and the reality is, back then, people are actually living zero waste life. But of course that is not realistic for modern people. But why not naming it Zero Waste or agree upon it.. Like our dreams and goals are always a step higher than the reality that we want to achieve anyway, so we can work harder to get it. So Why not Zero Waste? ☺

Zero Waste Ramadhan?
What can be more precious on top of doing greatness this Ramadhan, we also start doing the Zero Waste Life, from Home and away.
Ramadhan is the month of giving,
The months of sharing,
The month of merciful,
The month of goodness.

Start from somewhere, start with something, a room, a new habit, a thought, anything!

I’m hoping to share more tips n how to about going Zero Waste and as usual going toward Sustainable Life.

I attach :
1. Basic guideline for reminder of us doing Zero Waste Life at Home and Away (3 pages)
The link to download is below:
And please follow us in our Facebook and Instagram, for more tips of Zero Waste Ramadhan this year.

2. Ramadhan Journal & Wall Decorations for Mom n Kids (bahasa Indonesia)
click this link to download the files:

versi RAR:

Versi PDF:

for mom journal

for kids journal

dekorasi ramadan & idul fitri

Still a lot to share with you girls, and right now, my mind is like a messy thread no start and no end. But I better end it here..

Ramadhan Mubarak to everybody
May this Ramadhan bring us more blessings and gain Love from Allah.


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