Calling for your help “Charity for 3 Children Education”

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It takes ordinary people who we think are special, because they care about others in extreme disadvantage, understand the impact of not having it, feel concerned about every individual’s right to a better future – and want to DO something, not just talk about it.

There are many people from any walk of life like you who care for this cause. Maybe you can help by offering regular donations, or as simple as buying our products so we can share 10% of our profit for this cause.

Special people like you


When you contribute to a muslim children education, or kids education in general, in terms of fundraising, when you do that, in a sense, it is a blessings for us and in another way you are contributing to upliftment of the ummah, the society. Its not just for the children but also for a foundation of muslim children our future children.

By helping these children, you and us will begin a journey which will bring light into your life, our life, as well as the children’s. The love that you show along with your donation from buying our products, is something that will set them onto a path filled with hope and potential for a brighter future for them.

Children are our future. But for many, that future is uncertain. Lives shaped by war, poverty, hunger, exploitation, abuse, natural disasters and lack of opportunity at a young age are indescribably distressing. Include the loss of love, support and comfort of family life which is their late father, like what these children experienced.

It’s easy to feel sympathy for the plight of those less fortunate than us, it’s a basic human response. However, we’re busy and easily distracted by immediate matters that impact on our own lives. But read on. Imagine you take a simple decision which would have a life-changing impact on someone you’ve never met.

It might be your neighbor, it might be a child in Bangladesh, it might be these 3 children who needs our help seeking their entitlement to a better life and a promising future. This isn’t really about the money. It’s what the money can do for these children, to provide education and better future for them as well for the ummah or society.

It’s a simple commitment to help another human being wanting a better future. Inexpensive, yet priceless. It could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. And realize that you are very lucky, we all who will be involved in this journey will be very lucky for Allah to put this matter in front of our eyes so we can do something about it.


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With every purchase of your Green Mommy Shop products, we donate 10% of the profit for these 3 children education. And you will end up with healthier n more beautiful skin or house, or your hair and environmentally friendly result of your products usage AS WELL you are doing a Help with every product purchased!

My Greatest Appreciation for you,

Thank you,
Deasi Srihandi

ps: Feel free to contact me or chat with us directly if you want to know more detail.

Behind The Story

Green Daddy’s friend from Singapore recently contacted him, addressing his difficulties regarding his 3 step children education. So Green Daddy, offer him a solution to his problem, We need to raised 30 juta for the 3 kids education and alhamdulillah we already managed to help some of the required amount for the starting of the school. But we still need around 20 juta more.

I quote the email from the Step Father of the Children:

May this reach you in the best of Iman, My name is Abdurrahman Bin Muhammad Ibrahim from Singapore. With regards to my discussion with brother Hassan Pedersen on my request for financial study assistance for my 3 children.

Farhah Nur Nadhilah Binte Ahmad Farzel (15 yrs old)
Farah Nur Nabilah Binte Ahmad Farzel (15 yrs old)
Naufal Hanan Bin Ahmad Farzel (14 yrs old)
Daughters previous institutional backgrounds:
Studied at Madrasah As Seggaf Al Arabiya (Singapore),
Dar Al Zahra (Tarim, Yemen)
Anwar Al Batul al Hamid (Selangor, Malaysia)

Naufal studied at Qubbatul Abu Murayyim and Dar Al Mustafa (both Tarim, Yemen)
Madrasah al Huda, Malaysia

They have been accepted to study at Ponpes Sunniyah Salafiyah in Pasuruan, beginning 10 Syawal, year 2017.

Please note, that they are my step children whom are in my care after the death of their father al Marhum Ahmad Farzel since the twin were 2 years old and Naufal about 5 months.

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank brother Hassan Pedersen and his wife sis Deasi Pedersen and those who are working on this to help my kids for their studies.

Lastly, we have one request, as to not have our photos posted on social media please.
Hopefully it could work out that way in sha Allah.

May Allah reward you goodness in abundance.

Your brother,
Abdurrahman Bin Md Ibrahim

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